For to make Furmenty

Nym clene wete and bray it in a morter wel that the holys gon al of and seyt yt til it breste and nym yt up. And lat it kele and nym fayre fresch broth and swete mylk of Almandys or swete mylk of kyne and temper yt al. And nym the yolkys of eyryn. Boyle it a lityl and set yt adoun and messe yt forthe wyth fat venison and fresh moton.


Serves 4

3 dl spelt

5 dl meat broth

2 dl cream

2 egg yolks

(saffron, salt)

Cook the spelt in meat broth until the water has absorbed. Add cream (and a pinch of saffron if you want) and simmer in a low heat until the cream has absorbed to the spelt. Add more water if needed. When the furmenty looks like a porridge and is done, add yolks. Stir couple of minutes. Add salt if needed. Serve hot with boiled deer or reindeer meat or with cooked mutton.

Comments: Saffron is not mentioned in the original text. Other furmenty recipes sometimes call for saffron. You can leave it away if you wish.

(Forme of Cury, Ancient Cookery, c. 1381)

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