Llesques de formatge

If you want to serve slices of soft cheese, make slices of cheese that are quite large. Then take the leavened dough, as said above, and mix it with egg yolks and beat it a lot with spoon. And then spread over and under the cheese, and put it in the pan with the grease said above. Turn it over often. When it should be cooked, take it out and put sugar over and under it.

serves 6

500 g sliced Mozzarella cheese




2 eggs

½ dl water

small lump of yeast

½-1 dl flour

Make the dough first. Dissolve the yeast into cold water. Mix all dough ingredients together and make it thick batter. Coat the cheese slices and fry them with butter. Sprinkle lots of sugar to the both sides of the cheese. Serve hot. (It is not that good after cooling).

Comments: The “previous recipe” in book Sent Sovi is called (Fritters) and there is a description about how to use leavened dough to make batter to fritters. Grease means clean pork grease. But you can use normal butter.

Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of this very tasty dish.

(Sent sovi, Catalonia, Spain, 14th century)

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