Bruet of Almaynne in lente

Take fine thick Milk of Almonds; take dates, and mince them small thereon; take Sugar enough, & strew thereon & little flour of Rice; sprinkle & serve forth white & look that it is running.

serves 2

3 dl thick almond milk

3 tablespoon sugar

½ dl minced dated

1 teaspoon rice flour

Put almond milk and sugar into a pot and bring it boil. When sugar has melted, add dates and sprinkle carefully rice flours into the pot. Boil briefly, stir carefully (it should be white) and serve. Remember that it should be somewhat running.

Comments: It was white and it was sweet.. it was also runny. There was a recipe in the book before this called a potage colde. The almond milk used that pottage is made using wine. Um.. I want to try that one too!

(Take a thousand eggs or more, I Volume, Harleian MS. 279, c. 1420)

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