14th century


Cormarye (pork roast with red wine and spices)

Morterol (meat stew with different meats)

Douce Ame (chicken with cream and pine nuts)


Lumbard Mustard (mustard sauce)

Vegetables and side dishes

Alberginies (stuffed and rolled aubergine slices)

Chyches (fried spiced chickpeas)

De li sparaci (asparagus with saffron)

Espàrrecs (asparagus in white wine)

For to make Furmenty (wheat porridge)

Llentilles (lentil stew with onion, garlic and herbs)

Pastry and pies

Mushroom pies (little mushroom pies)

Tart in Ymber Day (onion and herb tart)


Konkavelite (cherry pudding)

Llesques de formatge (battered and fried cheese slices)

Payne ragoun (pine nut candy)

Quince marmalade

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