Boil them if desired. Then take toasted bread soaked in thick vinegar and some lentils and fried onion. But beforehand, one should put onion and garlic together with them, and add parsley, sage and mint, which should cook first with the garlic and the fried, chopped onion. It should be put in the sauce.

serves 3-4

3 dl uncooked lentils well washed

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

a handful of fresh chopped parsley

a small bunch of fresh chopped sage

2 tbs dried mint (or a handful of fresh chopped mint)

1 dl wine vinegar

½ dl water

1 toasted bread


butter or oil for frying

Put the toasted bread into a bowl and pour 1 dl wine vinegar and ½ dl water over it. When the bread is well soaked mush it. Cook the lentils in water with some salt. After 5 minutes, add the bread mush to the stew. The lentils should be well cooked and water almost boiled completely away at the end. Fry chopped onion and cloves of garlic and add the herbs. Mix everything together, check the salt and add more if needed, and re-heat quickly.

(Sent sovi, Catalonia, Spain, 14th century)

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