Salmon boyled

Take a barbel, and cut him, and draw him round; And pick in the nape of the head and seethe him in water and salt, Ale and parsley. And when it begins boil, skim in clean, and cast the barbel thereto, And seethe him. And his sauce is garlic or green sauce, And then serve him forth.

serves 3

500 g salmon

½ l ale

water enough to cover rest of the fish

lots of salt


lots of fresh parsley

In large pot bring ale and water to boil. Season with salt and pepper. Cut salmon in three portions. When the liquid boils add salmon pieces and fresh parsley (you don’t have to chop the parsley). Boil 15-20 minutes in low heat until the fish is done.  Remove the fish from the liquid to the serving platter and serve with sauces

(Take a thousand eggs or more, II Volume, Harleian MS. 4016, c. 1450)

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