15th century


Arbolettys (scrambled eggs with cheese and herbs)

Hanoney (eggs with onion)


Beef-y-Stywyd (spicy meat casserole)

Brawune fryes (fried pork)

Furmenty with Venison (wheat porridge with venison)

Ravioli for non-lenten times (meat ravioli)


Blancmange (rice with chicken)

Chykonys in bruette (chicken in ale sauce)

Sauge (chicken with cold sage sauce)

Fish and seafood

Muscules in Shelle (mussels with white wine)

Salmon boyled (salmon boiled in ale broth)

Vegetables and side dishes

Congordes (Squash soup)

Ffygey (fig paste)

Oyle Soppes (onion ale soup)

Perre (pea mush)

Pottage of Rice (rice coloured with saffron)

Vyaund Leche (cheese dish)


Lemon sauce (lemon sauce made in almond milk)

Sauce for Stockfysshe in Another Maner (walnut sauce for fish)

Sauce Verte (herb sauce for fish)

Pastry and pies

Chewettes (small pies)

Doucetes (cream pie)

How to make a red cherry and rose torte

Ryschewys closed (dried fruit pastries)


Bruet of Almaynne in lente (almond milk with dates)

Cyuele (almond pancake)

Gyngerbrede (gingerbread)

Lente ffrutours (deep fried apples)

Peris in Syrippe (pears in wine syrup)

Pommesmoille (apple pudding)

Zabaglone (warm egg custard)

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