Lumbard mustard

Lumbard Mustard

Take mustard seeds and waishe it and drye it in an ovene, grynde it drye. Farse it thurgh a farse. Clarifie hony with wyne and vynegur and stere it wel togedrer and make it thikke ynowz. And whan thou wilt spende thereof make it tnynne with wyne.


130 g mustard seeds

2 dl white wine

2 tablespoon of vinegar

1 egg

1 dl honey

Roast the mustard seeds in an oven in 120 ⁰C about 10 minutes or less. Whisk an egg. Grind the seeds and pour them in to a pot. Add the wine and honey. Slowly bring it to boil. Add an egg to the simmering mustard whisking all the time. Take the mustard out of the heat and add the vinegar. Pour the mustard into clean glass jar and when cooled store in a fridge. Serve hot or cold. If you want to make the mustard thinner, add more wine just before serving.

Comments: The recipe doesn’t say exactly how to make the mustard thick. You can boil it as long as it is thick enough or add an egg as I have in my redaction.  Remember not to roast the seeds too much. A little time in a low heat will make the seeds taste lovely. If burned then the whole mustard taste bad. This recipe is great! You can make it beforehand and store it in fridge. It will be good stored in fridge for couple of weeks.

(Forme of Cury, 1390)

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