Take chiches and wry hem in ashes all nyzt, other lay hem in hoot aymers, at morrow, waisshe hem in clene water and do hem ouer the fire with clene water. Seeth hem up and do thereto oyle, garlic, hole safroun, powdour fort and salt, seeth it and messe it forth.
Serves 2-3

400 g cooked chickpeas
olive oil for frying
2 garlic cloves
pinch of saffron
1 teaspoon of powder fort
salt for taste

Peel and cut the garlic cloves. Drain the cooked chickpeas and fry them with garlic in a pan. Season with the spices and serve.

If you want to follow the original recipe’s instructions then use dried chickpeas that you put in ashes and then wash and boil. Or you can roast dried chickpeas before boiling.

(Forme of Cury, 1390)