Elviira who was substituting us with Johanna took this picture.

Last weekend I went to Turku Castle with Merry Swan group to show and tell about medieval crafts. We had also a table full of ingredients like different kinds of spices, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts etc. and I was standing behind the table telling tourist groups about how did medieval food taste like. We had spices for example long pepper, cubeb pepper, grains of paradise and also vegetables like purple and yellow carrots. So there was food items that were not so familiar to spectators. Then on top of that I had 5 short lectures about medieval food.


We also displayed candles. White ones in this picture are made by Hanna. Read more about her tallow candles in this blog post. Picture by Mervi Pasanen


We had different kinds of textile arts at the display. Mervi was making intarsia.


Riku displaying the candles. Picture by Mervi.


Piia and Ulla-Mari at the textile display. Picture by Mervi.


That’s me :)